According to information from Facebook Official Website:

If you want to download a copy of your information from Facebook, you can use the Download Your Information tool.

To download a copy of your Facebook data:

  1. Click  in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. In the left column, click Your Facebook Information.
  4. Next to Download Your Information, click View.
  5. To add or remove categories of data from your request, click the boxes on the right side of Facebook.
  6. Select other options, including:

    • The format of your download request.
    • The quality of photos, videos and other media.
    • A specific date range of information. If you don’t select a date range, you’ll request all the information for the categories you’ve selected.
  7. Click Create File to confirm the download request.


After you’ve made a download request, it will appear as Pending in the Available Copies section of the Download Your Information tool. It may take several days for us to finish preparing your download request.

Once we’ve finished preparing your download request, we’ll send a notification letting you know it’s ready.

To download a copy of data you requested:

  1. Go to the Available Copies section of the Download Your Information tool.
  2. Click Download and enter your password.

You can also click Show more to view information about your download request, such as the format and when it will expire.


Note: You can always view your Privacy Shortcuts to learn about the ways you can control your data and privacy on Facebook. If you want to review recent activity on your Facebook account or want to review your Facebook account information, you can use the Access Your Information tool.

Facebook also provides other informational tools for accessing your data:

  • Access Your Information: A summary of your Facebook information that you can access at any time and in a single place. We’ve categorized this information by type so you can find what you’re looking for.
  • Download Your Information: Download a copy of your Facebook information. You can download all your categories of information at once, or you can select the specific categories and date ranges you want. Learn more about downloading your information on Facebook.
  • Activity Log: Within your account, your activity log is a history of your activity on Facebook. From your activity log, you can review and manage things you share, from posts you’ve commented on or liked to apps you have used or anything you’ve searched for. Learn more about your activity log.
  • Manage Your Information: Learn how to manage your information on Facebook and get answers to common questions.
  • Delete Your Account And Information: Permanently delete your Facebook account and information.